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Trezvant Academy 
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Our Elementary age groups range from Kindergarten thru 6th graders. What  wonderful age groups to be! At TAOHS, we believe in having FUN while LEARNING! There is never a day that goes by without learning while having fun at the same time.  You can find cheap ghostwriters for hire that will share the materials for educational purposes. An advantage of the children meeting their educational need online they can eat any food or snack of choice throughout the day while learning from the comfort of their own home. We consider this "Brain Food", and we find that when the children are not starving while working hard on their lessons; they tend to be much happier, alert, well focused, and much more productive! 


Reading/Literature, English, Math/Algebra, Science, Computer, Social Studies, Handwriting, Spelling, Physical Education, Music, and Art.


Interested in learning more?
By Texas Law and regulations students have the freedom of choice of choosing to enroll at TAOHS. There are absolutely "NO ZONING" requirements to enroll at TAOHS. An Application will be considered accepted after the application form and all other requested documents have been submitted online before we can go any further. Your child "WILL NOT" be considered enrolled until all required forms, and payments are complete.
Reading/Literature- Access Code                                                        McGraw-Hill / Harcourt                                      $70.00

English- Access Code                                                                           McGraw-Hill / Harcourt                                     $70.00

Math/Algebra- Access Code                                                                 McGraw-Hill / Harcourt / Saxon                        $70.00                        

Science- Access Code                                                                          McGraw-Hill / Harcourt                                     $70.00

Social Studies- Access Code                                                                McGraw-Hill / Harcourt                                     $70.00

Handwriting- Access Code                                                                    McGraw-Hill / Harcourt                                     $70.00

Spelling- Access Code                                                                          McGraw-Hill / Harcourt                                     $70.00

Self Study: Computer/P.E./Music/Art- Access Code                               Puntwida L Trezvant M.Ed. / M.A.                    $70.00

COURSE:                                                                                           CURRICULUM:                                      PRICE:          

Kindergarten Thru 2nd Book Rental Fee's
Please Pay For Your Books Here!
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Kindergarten thru 2nd  grades "ONLY" will be taught in a physical classroom setting.
 Books are required and will be purchased from the payment link above.

 Grades 3rd thru 12th will be taught from the comfort of your own home by use of TAOHS
 Annual online software! There are absolutely NO BOOKS required, and the TAOHS Annual online software can be purchased on the "Middle/High School Curriculum" page. 
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