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Trezvant Academy Online Homeschool (TAOHS) is happy to coordinate our Jr. High thru High School Program together as one making it convenient for those that excel in our programs no matter what age they are!

College Counseling Program:

Students receive individualized support in test preparation, applications, college selection, and applying for grants and financial aid. Since the vast majority of Trezvant Academy Online Homeschool students are first-generation college-bound, the college counseling program plays an indispensable role in helping students and their families navigate each part of this unfamiliar and sometimes overwhelming process.

College counseling at Trezvant Academy Online Homeschool begins in sixth grade and continues throughout college. During their time at Trezvant Academy Online Homeschool, students receive counseling in all aspects of the college transition, including study skills, time management, personal budgeting, social networking, and how to deal with homesickness and stress.

The college counseling team plays a pivotal role in assisting and guiding students and their families through the entire college application process. This support typically entails:

• Advising and counseling 6-12th grade students
• Researching, establishing and maintaining long-term relationships with key constituents in college admissions, including college admissions counselors, directors and university outreach centers
• Working with appropriate Trezvant Academy Online Homeschool staff to ensure that every student in every grade level is participating in available college-related activities when possible, including summer programs and talent identification programs
• Coordinating the administration of all standardized tests and test preparation courses for Trezvant Academy Online Homeschool students, including SAT Reasoning and Subject Tests, ACT, AP tests, THEA, TAKS, ACT Explore and PSAT/SAT Prep courses
• Coordinating and hosting high school visits and college fairs at Trezvant Academy Online Homeschool for college admissions representatives
• Working collaboratively with school leaders to coordinate and facilitate the Freshman and Sophomore Seminar courses and program for 9th-10th grade levels
• Teaching at least two classes during the school year, including Junior and Senior Seminar sections
• Serving as a resource in the areas of financial aid and scholarships, working with undocumented students, testing and preparation, and college visitation programs
• Ensuring, in collaboration with school-level administrators, that all high school students are in compliance with state regulations regarding high school credits
• Facilitating a Summer Orientation Meeting to educate families about responsibilities and expectations related to college admission
• Serving as active and committed member of school-based teams
• Adhering to national regulations and responsibilities as outlined by the National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC) and the Texas Association for College Admission Counseling (TAOHS)

Trezvant Academy Online Homeschool offers both AP and Dual Credit Courses. Our High School program offers the following:

Four years of English, three years of mathematics, including rigorous courses in Algebra I, Geometry, and algebra II, three years of science, including rigorous courses in Biology, Chemistry & Physicst and three years of social studies.

High School/College Connection
The success of this program is evidenced by the rate at which Trezvant Academy Online Homeschool students persist in their collegiate coursework. Across the nation, only 8% of students from low-income communities complete their education and earn a degree. By contrast, 99.9% of all Trezvant Academy Online alumni are attending a post-secondary institution. Starting in 6th grade, Trezvant Academy Online Homeschool sets the expectation for all students that college graduation is the goal. With each graduating class, Trezvant Academy Online Homeschool continues to evaluate and refine all aspects of the program to increase the effectiveness of student support and ensure that every alum is on the path to earn college degree. 

Here's Some Statistic's To Know:

•Low Income Students attending post-secondary institutions 8%

•National Average of high school students attending post-secondary institutions 32%

•Trezvant Academy College Preparatory Homeschool Alum attending post-secondary institution 99.9%

That's the Trezvant Academy Online Homeschool (TAOHS) difference!
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